Wooden coffee stirrers-Great Alternative to Plastic Stirrers

Wooden stir sticks are a great alternative to plastic stir sticks. After all, these products can be made from recycled wood particles and are inherently biodegradable. When you want to provide the best options for your patrons, try out wooden stir sticks for coffee, tea, and more.
When it comes to consuming hot foods and beverages, Americans are in the lead. In fact, it's estimated that Americans consume an excess of 10 billion bowls of soup annually. When you want to cool down your hot beverages, rely on the wooden stir sticks provided by WoodU 
Following are some benefits of wood coffee stirrers.


Wood stirrers are designed for stirring in milk, cream, or sugar, use in your favorite cafe` latte, hot chocolate, tea or any drink! Wood can handle the high heat of beverages without transferring any wood taste.

stir stick


Wood stirrers are made of different quality and the best ones are manufactured from 100 percent white birch wood. Made from a renewable resource, wooden stirrers are more eco-friendly than plastic stirrers. They are biodegradable, and can be thrown out with food waste.


As a one-time use product, wood stirrers offer convenience. Save time and water by not having to wash!


Wooden coffee stirrers are high quality, and will not shred or splinter. No splinters or pieces of wood in your beverage or mouth! Wooden stirrers are an economical alternative to plastic stirrers.


Round coffee stirrers and square coffee stirrers are examples of some of the shapes in which coffee stirrers are available in the market. They also come in different sizes
Round Coffee Stirrers stick


For break rooms or the office! Everyone will appreciate the convenience of having wood stir sticks available for their morning cup of coffee or tea! Great for home use- family and guests will love these stirrers!
Research undertaken identifies wood as the most substitute material to plastic for stirrers as these are comparable in price to plastic stirrers and are also disposable. For the modelling in this impact assessment we assume that
wooden drink stirrers are the substitute for plastic drink stirrers. It is a conservative assumption to assume that consumers continue using single use wooden stirrers; as if consumers switch to reusable stirrers the environmental benefits of the ban would be greater.
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