Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas for Kids-Go Green

It can be a challenge to be eco-friendly when you have kids but with this list of eco-friendly kids’ activities, you can keep your little ones entertained for hours on end without damaging the environment. All of our ideas are made out of recycled household materials and a few arts and craft supplies, making them green and economical!

Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

1.Popsicle Stick Crafts

There are so many creative things you can do with disposable wooden sticks. Make photo frames, wooden huts, model planes, pencil holders, and so much more. Plus, wooden sticks are made from sustainable wood which is 100% natural and biodegradable, making the idea of this eco-friendly craft even greener!


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

2. Collage

Gather up all those old comics, magazines, newspapers, and colored papers and let kids’ creative juices flow using a pair of safety scissors. They can cut out images, words, and letters to make up their own collage pictures.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

3. Recycled Plastic Planters

Reuse those plastic bottles by making some plastic planters. Use the bottom of the bottle and fill with some gardening soil, then add little plants. Succulents or mini-cacti make the easiest and prettiest planters. Kids can also decorate the plastic planters with paint and stickers.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

4. Chunky Crayons

Gather up all those broken crayons and recycle them for an eco-friendly craft idea for kids. You can turn them into chunky crayon versions to make the most out of using them. They also make great eco-friendly party favors for kids’ birthday parties.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

5. Dyed Bean Mosaic

Dye dried beans using natural dyes from vegetables and fruits, let them dry and stick them on a cardboard or paper for a super fun green activity for kids.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

6. Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Upcycle your milk or juice cartons to create colorful bird feeders. Not only is it a fun and eco-friendly craft activity for your kids, but you’ll be helping out your feathered friends too! Put it in the garden by a window and enjoy watching the birds snack.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

7. Brown Paper Bag Journal

This is the reason you’ve been saving all those paper bags from the grocery store! With a little help, kids can create their own brown paper bag notebooks. It’s an eco-friendly craft that inspires the artist in your kids, as they fill them up with stories, stickers, and sketches.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

8. Jar Lanterns

Recycle glass jars with this entertaining eco-friendly art and craft idea! All you need is some glue, tissue paper, or decorative napkins, and a candle to make beautiful lanterns.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

9. Tin-Can Stilts or Phones

This is an oldie but a goodie! However, please keep in mind that kids will need a little adult supervision with this one. Recycle those large tin cans by turning them into a ‘telephone’ or walking stilts. Both of these eco-friendly craft ideas will bring endless hours of fun!


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

10. Toilet Roll Characters

Decorate empty toilet tubes with eco-friendly felt, paints, colored paper, or card to create some amazing and playful characters.


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

11. Sock Puppets

Somehow we always end up with odd socks! Don’t discard them, instead give the solo sock a new lease of life as a sock puppet. It’s an easy and eco-friendly craft idea for kids of all ages!


Eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas for kids

12. Leaf Prints

Start the fun by gathering fall leaves from the garden, then dip each one in some paint and press them down onto recycled paper to make beautiful nature-inspired art! It’s also a great way to teach your kids about different trees. Learning and being creative is a fun way to spend time with your kids.

Sometimes, all you need is some creativity and recycled materials to make lasting memories with your kids. You don't have to spend a huge amount of money to come up with different fun art and crafts that you can teach your kids. This is not just friendly on your pockets, but also kind to the environment.

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