Easy Vegetables to Grow at Home Organically

Organic vegetables are 100% chemical free and the easiest way to enjoy it is by growing your own! Not only will you have fresh produce, but you're also making a huge change in making a better environment by cutting down on plastic food packaging. By doing this, you'll even reduce carbon emissions because the only journey your vegetables will make is from your garden to your plate.

Growing your vegetables is easier than you might think. All you need is a couple of plant pots or a small patch of soil to have a supply of fresh and delicious vegetables for you and your family to enjoy.

Check out some of the easiest vegetables to grow to get your organic garden off to a flying start.


Carrots are considered to be one of the easiest vegetables to grow in your backyard or in plant boxes. Before you start planting, make sure that soil is loose and rock-free. If the soil is thick and heavy, add and mix it with a good amount of compost, this will make a perfect growing environment for your carrots.

Salad Leaves

There’s nothing better than a fresh salad made with greens from the garden! You can have a whole range of textures and flavors growing together. Lettuce, spinach, and arugula are popular for beginner gardens. They continue growing so you can harvest again and again, enjoying crunchy, healthy and homegrown salad for months.


Cucumber plants love hot weather and plenty of water. There are two varieties, vine or bush. Vine cucumber will give a greater yield but the bush cucumber is easier to grow and suitable for containers and small gardens.


Fragrant and nutrient-rich tomatoes are the perfect home garden plant. From the Mediterranean style beefsteak tomato to the smaller plum or cherry tomatoes -- there are so many different varieties to choose from, giving your garden color and your plate amazing burst of flavors.


Spicy and crunchy radishes are ideal for new gardeners. They grow fast so you won't have to wait long for harvest and enjoy this colorful and tasty treat. The other good thing is that there are the spring and winter varieties, making them great for pickling, so you can enjoy radishes all year round as you wish!

Bell Peppers

You can pick up a starter bell pepper plant at nurseries or home improvement stores. They are great for adding texture to salads, adding a sweet and peppery flavor to soups, and are a healthy addition to your BBQ kabobs!


The humble potato is a great vegetable for your back garden veggie patch. They can also be grown in containers or in potato grow bags. Sow them in a little compost in late February to early March and as the shoots begin to appear, you just need to keep topping it with compost. You’ll be able to enjoy a full potato harvest from July to September.


Super-easy and super-tasty! Beetroot is a must for any vegetable garden. It is a hardy root vegetable which isn't fussy about soil type and doesn't need much attention. They are also suitable for plant containers or in raised beds, you just have to make sure they get enough water.


Peas are a hassle-free crop that grows and thrives easily at home. They can be sown directly into the soil anytime from March to June and will produce sweet flavorful peas from June to August. It’s also great fun to pick and shell the peas with the kids and the more you pick, the more they grow!

Some may think that growing a vegetable garden at home takes a lot of effort and can be a daunting task, but it's really not! You just need to know the proper way of planting and caring for them and in return, you'll get fresh harvest all year round.



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