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Most of the products found in the market today are made from plastics, and the majority of it is used in food preparation, consumption, and storage. For the many years, people have been highly dependent on plastics for the reason that it is light, cheap and easy to create. The use of plastics as a household item can be traced back in the 40s where metal are saved for war used to develop weapons and wood are presumed expensive and less sanitary. Even though during those times people have learned the art of creating porcelain tableware, it failed to win the hearts of the people because it is easy to break. And because of that circumstance, plastic was considered the perfect material for everything.

Only today that many experts had realized the real dangers of exposing ourselves to plastics and why we should remove it from our homes. Its negative impact is more alarming because we are accustomed to using disposable plastic cups, forks and spoons as well as plates in special events. Furthermore, overproduction of plastics has led to environmental disasters, climate change, and illnesses. You probably have read news about sea creatures mistaking plastics thrown in the sea as their food which had become a contributing factor in early endangerment of many animals. And as the years pass by the threats that plastics bring to the lives of people increases, which could affect the future generations.

To avoid further damage to our health and the environment, switching to an eco-friendly home is highly recommended because of its sustainable benefits, such as:

Health protection: Most of the building materials used in building our homes, in the manufacture of household items, and the production of our food is not healthy. A bunch of chemicals that includes carcinogens can be found in construction and cleaning supplies. There are instances that traditional buildings have materials that are prone to moisture build-up which can lead to the development of toxic mildews and mold. If these will be ignored, it can cause serious health illnesses. However, if you opt for an eco-friendly home, your focus is on the utilization of materials that don’t have non-volatile organic compounds (VOC), BPA-free and resistant to molds as well as mildews.

Save money and resources: The volatility of the economy can affect our daily budget. Even though this is inevitable, it can still be managed by living a green lifestyle. Using disposable and compostable wooden tableware is another way on how you can help reduce waste and bring back to nature. Plastics won’t decay no matter how long it sits in the landfill, unlike wooden tableware that can be composted which can help enrich our land. Aside from this, there’s no harm in reusing eco-friendly products because it not made from any chemicals. That’s why you will be able to save a lot from recycling and reusing natural and eco-friendly products.

Improvement in living conditions: When you live the green and eco-friendly way, the goodness radiates from your home to your environment. You will be able to eat healthily, and BPA-free food, experience the ambiance of natural lighting and clean air can produce and enjoy the soothing regulated temperature of the environment. And these factors have a significant impact on your overall health because you are guarded against toxins and chemicals.

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