15 Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

Infused water is a delicious and easy way to stay hydrated and cool down without all the calories and sugar of soda and processed drinks. As much as we love plain water, sometimes it’s just plain dull!

Check out the top reasons to spice up your water and 15 fruit and herb infused water recipes to quench your thirst this summer!

Infused Water Benefits

Better Hydration

We all know the health benefits of drinking water but rarely do we drink enough. The main reason is that it doesn’t taste of anything! Fruit and herb infused waters taste better than plain old water, making it easier to drink more. Not only this, but the electrolytes in the fruit actually helps your body absorb more water and boosts hydration.

Easy Way to Get More Nutrients

Vitamins and minerals can leach into the water while they infuse. While you won’t get ALL the nutrients from the infused fruits and herbs (only water-soluble nutrients will get into the water), every little nutrient helps!  

Healthier Alternative to Juice

Fruit juice, even the non-concentrated ones, are full of sugar. This can cause a spike in blood glucose levels and increase the risk of diabetes. Fruit infused water is a low to no calorie alternative to sugar and calor-ific fruit juices.

How to Make Fruit and Herb Infused Water

For the best fruit infused water, add in fresh organic produce. This way you can reduce the risk of nasty pesticides which are present in many store-bought or commercially farmed produce. If you do use store-bought items, wash them thoroughly and peel off any rind or skin before using.

All you need is a large container or pitcher, water, and your favorite fruits and herbs. To get the best flavor, let the mixture infuse in the refrigerator, for at least four hours but overnight is best. 

If you happen to drink all the infused water within the first day, the fruit and herbs will still be good to use for another batch! Simply add more water and infuse once more.

Fruit and Herb Infused Water Combinations

For a delicious taste and extra health benefits, try these fruity and herby-water recipes! These flavorful combinations are nutrient-rich with fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables and a thirst-quenching and flavorsome drink which will keep you hydrated!

  1. Cucumber+strawberry+mint
  2. Pineapple+mint
  3. Cherry+Lime
  4. Lemon+raspberry+rosemary 
  5. Lime+ginger root 
  6. Orange+blueberry+basil 
  7. Watermelon+basil
  8. Pineapple+kiwi-honeydew melon 
  9. Green apple+plum+cinnamon 
  10. Mango+pineapple
  11. Pear+pomegranate seed+cloves 
  12. Strawberry+jalapeño peppers (deseeded)
  13. Grapefruit+rosemary 
  14. Blueberry+orange 
  15. Blueberry+lemon+rosemary
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