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Our Story


WoodU - Pave Your Way To A Greener Tomorrow

At WoodU, we are a family-run business, dedicated to developing and distributing world-class and sustainable single-use cutlery and diverse wooden products. By creating innovative solutions for businesses and customers alike, our clients can eat on the go with a clear conscious.

Owned and operated on the shores of Miami Beach, the ocean is in our company’s heart. We see the damage that plastic does to our environment, the nature that surrounds us, and the beaches that we love. Our war against plastic is just beginning and it is up to us to slow it down.

However, the wellbeing of our environment is not our only concern, the reason WoodU became what it is today is, to a large extent, about fighting against the extensive health implications that using plastic has on our bodies. Plastic leaches into our foods and, in turn, into our body when we eat with plastic utensils or from plastic containers. When the plastic is heated with cooked meals, it becomes even more dangerous. So much so that scientists have linked plastic (or the BPA that makes up the plastic utensils) to such health issues as asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, and ADHD, to name but a few.

As parents to four beautiful kids, every single day of the year we are trying to give our family the nutrition they need and the protection they deserve from harmful substances that unknowingly affect their health. So why were we making allowances for using plastic to eat the healthy food we were providing? Why were we risking the benefits of changing our habits for meer convenience?

As a family, and as a company we knew it was time for a big change. That is why WoodU has created an affordable yet effective solution for all.

Right down to our packaging, we are kind to the environment, and to the humans we serve, all of our packagings can be reused, repurposed, or recycled, depending on your preference.

Stylish, convenient, sustainable, and clean - WoodU is the smart solution for every event, outing, or business.

Pave your way to a greener future. Lead the charge in environmental change. Support a small business that was created to support other small businesses. Choose WoodU for all your sustainable needs.

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